Latest channel is now available on YouTube

I am announcing the launch of my YouTube channel. With over 100 videos and growing, You can check out my journey through Eastern Europe and the Balkans. I've included videos from Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, and more.







Andrew Tate Unveils PLANET T: The AI Revolution

The tech world is abuzz with excitement as Andrew Tate, known for his groundbreaking innovations, has officially announced the launch of PLANET T, a revolutionary AI platform set to redefine the way we approach creativity and progress.


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LL Cool J Delays Release of New Album: What Went Wrong?

After nearly a decade since his last album, “Authentic,” LL Cool J has been teasing the release of a new collection for years. However, in a series of now-deleted tweets, the rapper shared his frustrations about his next project.

Taverna King Pils Zgara in Tirana, Albania

Zgara is Albanian language for "grill" or "barbecue". In Albanian cuisine, zgara usually refers to a range of meat dishes that are grilled or barbecued. These dishes include popular items such as qebapa, shish kebab, and tave kosi.