Ryanair Airline Staff Strands Women in Kyiv, Ukraine

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Travel | 0 comments

A woman found herself stranded in Kyiv after she entered the wrong gate at her departing airport. Ryanair airline staff neglected to see her flight boarding pass was for a completely different flight.

The passenger, thirty-year-old Inka Fileva, thought she was on the way to Valencia, Spain. However, she arrived in an entirely different country. Her intended flight was supposed to be from Stansted Airport to Valencia, Spain, but instead of going to gate 44, the unknowing traveler went to gate 54. The Ryanair airline staff still proceeded to scan her boarding pass and seat her on the flight to Kyiv, Ukraine.

Since Inka is a bartender by trade used to working late nights, and this was an early morning flight, she fell asleep shortly after takeoff. She did not even realize she was in the wrong country until she passed through customs and spoke with a representative at an information desk.

To further add to her complications, Ryanair does not have a service desk in Kyiv, Ukraine. However, the staff at the airport in Kyiv were helpful and made phone calls on Inka’s behalf to resolve the situation. Although she was not happy about the inconvenience, everything ended up alright in the end for her.

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