Trump’s Twitter Hacked By Dutch Technology Security Expert

by | Oct 24, 2020 | Technology | 0 comments

According to online sources, a Dutch security expert claims he was able to get into US President Trump’s Twitter account by guessing the password. The password turned out to be “maga2020”.

It only took security expert Victor Gevers five attempts to guess President Trump’s password. Gevers works for the GDI Foundation and also holds a chair at the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure. He is responsible for finding and reporting various vulnerabilities in cybersecurity.

As a whitehat hack, after he was able to sign in to the Twitter account, Gevers immediately sent an email to the Department of Homeland Security to inform them of the weak password. Of course, not much later, there was an update to the password and “maga2020” no longer worked.

It is not the first time that security expert Gevers was able to access Trump’s Twitter account, but this is the second time that he was able to access his Twitter. In 2016 Gevers and his team were able to figure out Trump’s password from a 2012 LinkedIn security breach data dump. At this time, his password was “yourefired”, the saying from his “The Apprentice” television series.

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