Apartments in Arcadia Region of Odessa Ukraine On The Black Sea

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Arcadia Odessa Ukraine Apartments

The Planet News Media team has assembled in the Black Sea seaside community of the Arcadia Beach area of Odesa, Ukraine. We thought we would report our findings on vacation rentals and apartment rentals in the area for our fellow digital nomads and travelers.

Vacation rentals are at a lower price in April and May. Vacation rental prices increase in June, July, and August. The cost of a new, modern single room vacation rental near Arcadia beach is $400 in April, $500 in May, and $600 (or more) in the summer months of June, July, and August At least the apartment featured in this article.

The apartment we are reporting on is from a search on the Ukrainian vacation rental website This time is the second time using the site to find and stay in an apartment in Ukraine. You can easily find apartments on while in Ukraine.

Here are some photos of the apartment completed in Arcadia, Odessa, Ukraine:


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