Inside True Crime Stories By Real Life Fraudster Matthew Cox

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For true crime story fans out there, I strongly recommend Matthew Cox Inside True Crime. Matthew Cox is a former mortgage broker turned mortgage fraudster who acquired millions of dollars by fraudulently getting mortgages on properties five times or sometimes six times their actual value and then taking the money and running.

Matthew Cox Shark in the Housing PoolWhile spending over 12 years in Federal prison, he started writing true crime stories of fellow inmates and his story that at one point landed him on the United States Secret Service’s Most Wanted list. In his real crime autobiography Shark in the Housing Pool, he opens with an admitted synopsis of his nefarious activities.

For three years, Matthew Cox defrauded banks out of millions manipulating financial institutes with his knowledge of the mortgage industry, forging documents, stealing identities, creating synthetic identities, and mortgage fraud, all while already on Federal probation and all while on the run from multiple Federal law enforcement agencies.


You can find Matthew Cox’s Shark in the Housing Pool at Amazon, available in softcover or audiobook. Other books by Cox include The Program: How a Con Man Survived the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Cult of RDAP, and also It’s Insanity: The Bizarre Story of a Bipolar Megalomaniac’s Insane Plan for Total World Domination.


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