How to Count by Hundreds in Russian Language Lesson

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Culture | 0 comments

In this following beginner’s Russian language tutorial, you will learn to count by hundreds in Russian. These numbers are helpful when asking for items at the deli counter in a grocery store (asking for 300 grams of rice or salad).


Number English Russian Pronunciation
1 one hundred сто sto
2 two hundred двести dvesti
3 three hundred триста trista
4 four hundred четыре сотни chetyre sotni
5 five hundred пятьсот pyat’sot
6 six hundred шестьсот shest’sot
7 seven hundred семьсот sem’sot
8 eight hundred восемьсот vosem’sot
9 nine hundred девятьсот devyat’sot
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