The Afghanistan Government Officially Collapses to Taliban

by | Aug 16, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Without offering any resistance to Taliban forces, President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan. The Taliban now occupy the capital city of Kabul.

Here is a summary of what’s happened over the weekend leading up to today’s event. On Friday, the Taliban captured multiple key capital cities of provinces throughout Afghanistan. Then on Saturday and Sunday, more provincial capitals fell to the Taliban. On Sunday, US President Biden deployed a thousand troops to evacuate US personal and some Afghan allies.

Sunday was the sign of the end of a two-decade-long, expensive war of the United States as Taliban soldiers stormed into the capital city of Kabul on Sunday. The Taliban militants spread out throughout the city and entered the presidential palace.

About the Taliban
The Taliban is a militant Islamist group that originated in Afghanistan in the early 1990s. The group’s ideology is based on a strict interpretation of Islamic law and the belief in a pure Islamic state. The Taliban rose to power in Afghanistan in 1996 and ruled the country until 2001, when they were overthrown by a U.S.-led coalition. Since then, the Taliban has continued to fight against the Afghan government and international forces in an effort to regain power. The group has been responsible for numerous human rights violations, including the oppression of women and girls, and has been designated as a terrorist organization by several countries.

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