Agile CRM Solution for Small Business And Entrepreneurs

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Business | 0 comments

I finally decided it was time to implement a CRM solution for my tech development company. I needed something that worked fast out of the box, was incredibly easy to implement, and user friendly. So I turned to Agile. Another big plus I want to mention right away is that it is free. So from a small business owner to another, I want to point out the wins with Agile CRM.

First, I watched part one of the onboarding video and immediately started by adding a few contacts. The user interface was simple enough, but I wanted to get more of my contacts in the CRM faster. I decided to play around with the Google Contacts importer.

Agile CRM Dashboard

Agile CRM Dashboard

Initially, I set the contact import up to grab my Google Contacts via a one-week synchronization, but only four contacts came into Agile via this method. I decided to let this rest for a while as I could not find an interface showing if this import was in progress, scheduled, or finished. I will come back to contacts later.



I moved on to creating some tasks to get my week organized. These show up in a list on your home dashboard, a separate tasks list, and assigned to contacts and the deals entity they have included, which other CRM platforms refer to as opportunities. I added a few personal tasks I needed to take care of as well. I also liked the percentage slider I could use to estimate how much I had done while in progress.

I wanted to set up the calendar in Agile CRM. I was able to display all of my events from my Google Calendar but unable to edit Google Calendar items from within Agile CRM as far as I could tell. This calendar issue was a setback in the functionality I was seeking but still a minor one. I decided to use the Agile CRM calendar to follow all of my events from my Google Calendar and the Office 365 Calendar from another client project. It also looks like things I place on my Agile CRM calendar do not appear on my Google Calendar. I just wanted to make a note of this at this point.



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