Sleep Waves and White Noise Apps to Get Good Rest

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Since I’ve always been somewhat of an insomniac or at least a night owl and have spent several nights tossing and turning almost until dawn, I’ve often used white noise and sleep waves to assist in drifting off to sleep. Now, I plan to seek out any scientific validation for their usefulness. Here I share my research findings. I will also include some examples and apps related to sleep waves and white noise.

My initial research found studies that suggest a white noise generator may help, some but not all, people fall asleep faster. Information gathered by the Sleep Foundation supports using a white noise machine helps 40% of people fall asleep in a shorter amount of time than those not using such an apparatus or device.

So what exactly is white noise?
White noise is simply a “shh” sound. Consider two variables of sound: amplitude (loudness) and frequency (pitch). White noise is a continuous sound consistent in amplitude, while the frequency (pitch) may vary.

Examples of Household Items That Generate White Noise
A running electric fan or the hum of your air conditioning are two perfect examples of items in your apartment or house that generate white noise. Personally, since I was ten years old, I used an electric fan in my bedroom during the night to fall into a deep sleep faster. Even in the winter, I would run the electric fan but point it away from my bed. It was essential to my sleep, and to this day, I still keep a fan on in the bathroom adjacent to my bed to help me fall asleep. Think of white noise as a constant hum or vibration. You may consider it a blanket of sound that drowns out other subtle sounds or sharp changes in ambiance throughout the evening that could otherwise disrupt your sleep. 

Cool App for White Noise Generation

Noisli Sound Generator

Noisli Web Application

Noisli has been my top white noise and sound generation app for several years. It is available on a website, in the Google Play Store, and the Apple Store. Not only does it offer an adequate sound to sleep, but Noisli also provides sounds that are conducive to study, relaxation, travel, and work. 

As an Android App, Noisli is $1.99, and the web version gives you 25 minutes to play around with a limited example of the application. However, if you have the money to spare, I strongly suggest this white noise generation platform.


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