Drew Hernandez Video Footage Kenosha August 2020

by | Nov 16, 2021 | News | 0 comments

The video footage from journalist Drew Hernandez illustrates the chaotic atmosphere of the Kenosha riots on August 25th, 2020. Jurors have reviewed this video in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

About Kenosha, Wisconsin
Kenosha is a city in southeastern Wisconsin, located on the shore of Lake Michigan. With a population of approximately 100,000 people, it is the fourth-largest city in the state. Kenosha is known for its rich industrial history, with manufacturing playing a significant role in its economy for many years. Today, the city boasts a thriving downtown area, with numerous restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions. It is also home to several museums, including the Kenosha Public Museum, which features exhibits on natural history, fine art, and anthropology. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of recreational opportunities in Kenosha, including parks, beaches, and bike paths along the lakefront.

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