Day Two in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Deliberations

by | Nov 17, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Today is the second day of jury deliberations to determine the guilt of Kyle Kittenhouse on five felony charges which could mean a life sentence for Kyle. The jury deliberations may go into a third day as jurors have recently requested to review video evidence, and the defense has also set forth a motion for mistrial.

Jurors have asked to watch two videos. The first video is Kyle jogging away after shooting Rosenbaum, the first shooting of the night. The second video shows Kyle shooting Anthony Huber and also Grosskreutz.

The defense’s motion to dismiss the case was from earlier this week when they filed the motion concerning drone footage that had entered the case, and an argument over file compression ensued.

The entire court has left the room for the jury to watch and discuss the videos with complete freedom of privacy.

I will post an update later on the status here at Noiszi.

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