Belarusian Government Closes Down Border Migrant Camp

by | Nov 19, 2021 | News | 0 comments

(Photo by Osman Yunus Bekcan on Unsplash)

The government of Belarus stated on Thursday that they cleared a camp of migrants near the border of Poland. Allegedly, the makeshift camp was full of Iraqi nations and other foreigners.

European officials have been accusing President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus of harboring the camp and allowing migrants entry into Belarus and then into the European Union in a shallow attempt to destabilize European countries nearby. In recent days, migrants from this same camp attempting to enter Poland had a stand-off with Polish border security forces.

Belarusian authorities moved the migrants from the camp to a warehouse, and other plans are unknown. One migrant interviewed, according to news sources, said he spent over five thousand dollars to leave Iraq and get to Europe.

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