Crossing the Danube River Going into Bulgaria By Foot on Bridge

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The Giurgiu-Ruse Bridge connects the Romanian city of Giurgiu with the Bulgarian city of Ruse, and it was inaugurated in 1954. The bridge is approximately 2.8 kilometers (1.7 miles) long and has a double-track railway line and a four-lane highway. It is an important transportation route for the region, as it is part of the European route E85, which connects the Baltic Sea with the Aegean Sea.

The Danube River is a magnificent natural wonder that flows through the heart of Europe, offering a breathtaking panorama of ever-changing landscapes and cultures. From the rolling hills of Germany to the sun-kissed beaches of Romania and the European cities of Vienna and Budapest, the Danube River showcases the best of what Europe has to offer. As it meanders through ten countries, the Danube not only serves as an essential source of water and transportation but also provides a vital ecological corridor for a diverse array of plants and animals.

Crossing the Danube River Going into Bulgaria – March 2022



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