Duolingo Mobile App 30 Day Greek Language Learning Streak

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Culture | 0 comments

While in Greece, I’ve reached a thirty-day language learning streak on Duolingo! Duolingo is a popular language-learning app for iPhone, Android, laptops, or desktops. For the last 30 days, I’ve been taking daily lessons in Greek using the app on my mobile phone, and I will share with you some of what I have learned about the Greek language so far.


Upper Case Letter Lower Case Letter Greek Letter Name English Equivalent Letter Name Pronounce
Α α Alpha a
Β β Beta b
Γ γ Gamma g
Δ δ Delta d
Ε ε Epsilon e
Ζ ζ Zeta z
Η η Eta h
Θ θ Theta th
Ι ι Iota i
Κ κ Kappa k
Λ λ Lambda l
Μ μ Mu m
Ν ν Nu n
Ξ ξ Xi x
Ο ο Omicron o
Π π Pi p
Ρ ρ Rho r
Σ σ,ς * Sigma s
Τ τ Tau t
Υ υ Upsilon u
Φ φ Phi ph
Χ χ Chi ch
Ψ ψ Psi ps
Ω ω Omega o


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