Amazing Architecture – Forever Green Tower in Tirana, Albania

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Travel | 0 comments

If you’re planning a visit to Tirana, Albania, you might have heard about the Forever Green Tower, one of the most impressive and innovative buildings in the city. Here’s everything you need to know about this remarkable structure.

The Forever Green Tower is a mixed-use development that includes residential, commercial, and office space. The tower, which stands at 90 meters tall, has 21 floors and is located in the heart of Tirana’s bustling city center. It was designed by the Italian architecture firm Stefano Boeri Architetti, which is known for its focus on sustainable and green design.

The tower’s most distinctive feature is the large number of trees and plants that adorn its façade. In fact, the tower is covered with over 3,000 trees, shrubs, and plants, which not only give it a stunning visual appeal but also provide a host of environmental benefits. The plants help to regulate the building’s temperature, absorb carbon dioxide, and reduce noise pollution, among other benefits.

The Forever Green Tower is not just a beautiful building, but also a highly sustainable one. It has been designed to meet rigorous environmental standards and has achieved a number of green certifications, including LEED Gold and WELL Building Standard. The tower uses renewable energy sources such as solar panels, and has a rainwater collection and filtration system to reduce water consumption.

In addition to its environmental features, the Forever Green Tower also offers a range of amenities for its residents and visitors. The ground floor houses a number of shops and cafes, while the upper floors contain apartments and offices with stunning views of the city. The tower also has a rooftop garden, a fitness center, and a communal lounge area, making it a highly desirable place to live or work.

Overall, the Forever Green Tower is a stunning example of sustainable and innovative design. It not only enhances the visual appeal of Tirana’s cityscape but also sets a high standard for environmentally friendly development. If you’re visiting Tirana, be sure to take a stroll past the Forever Green Tower and marvel at its beauty and ingenuity.

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