Taverna King Pils Zgara in Tirana, Albania

by | Dec 24, 2022 | Food | 0 comments

Zgara is a word in the Albanian language which means “grill” or “barbecue”. In Albanian cuisine, zgara usually refers to a range of meat dishes that are grilled or barbecued. These dishes include popular items such as qebapa, which are grilled sausages, shish kebab, which are marinated grilled meat skewers, and tave kosi, which is grilled lamb or veal with yogurt sauce.

In Albania, zgara is a well-loved and popular method of cooking, often associated with outdoor gatherings and social events. The meat dishes are usually accompanied by a range of delicious side dishes, such as roasted vegetables, bread, and salads.

Overall, zgara is an essential and integral part of Albanian culinary culture, and it is enjoyed by many people, both in Albania and in Albanian communities around the world. It’s not only a way of cooking meat, but also a way of bringing people together, celebrating food, and sharing culture.

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